Saturday, October 20, 2012

Triple Dog

Possibly, you've seen this movie one time or another on Lifetime. Although, it wasn't a made for TV movie.

Still, its one of those films, you can catch yourself getting caught up in. Its not quite a horror film, yet it brings out that sleepover party kind of feel to it. Where no one goes to sleep.

It was made in 2010 starring Britt Robertson as Chapin. The new girl/bad girl at school. She was expelled from Sacred Heart, so she has a bit of a reputation. Actually, Eve (Alexia Fast) is sort of new too. Its her sixteenth birthday, and she has popular friends, too. But she considers Chapin as her best friend. She also wants to know what happened to Stacey St. Clair (Julia Maxwell) at Chapin's old school.

Of course, Chapin has attitude. Some of the talk is pretty silly, but Chapin is a bit of a loner. She hangs out with the boys. One in particular, Whisper (Brett Davern) who Eve has a crush on. When Chapin shows up at Eve's birthday party, she owns it and starts a game of Triple Dog where dares lead to more dares. Oh, and lets not forget Scout Taylor-Compton. This just might be my favorite film of hers. She plays Liza who doesn't even want to be there. And perhaps, she might have the best dare. After all, she does get to hide in Eve's older brother's closet.

Todd is played by Nolan Funk who isn't very happy to have a girl in his closet. Especially, when she carries around a mouse in her purse. Hence, everyone at school calls Liza Rat Girl.

Yes, there is the bully factor in this story. Its as if its a given at school. Add Richard Harmon's Stephan to the mix who has his harmless fun at annoying people and well, its just part of the process of being in high school. Perhaps.

Still, the film is about friendship. And its a mystery, as well. Just how did Stacey end up dead in the river? Though there are dares to happen. House parties to happen and in the end..of course being girlfriends does matter.

Emily Tennant, Janel Parrish, Carly McKillip and Aubrey Mosino are part of the circle of friends. Hey, if you don't blink you might catch Avan Jogia in the film too.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE Britt - this movie looks fun! Very 'Mean Girls'-ish! :)

ellie said...

It is a fun movie. I think there is more to it than expected.

MOSAMUSE said...

looks like a good movie! teen movies r always fun to watch

meg said...

Its a kind of movie you can watch more than once.

Syd said...

I so want to see this.