Sunday, October 21, 2012

Falling in Reverse

Falling in Reverse is a post-hardcore band formed in Henderson, Nevada, United States. They were previously known as From Behind These Walls but due to another band having the same name they decided to rename the band to Falling in Reverse. The band consists of former Escape the Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke and currently has several instrumentals and demo songs. -Last FM

I hit the studio at 16, stupid ill Not knowing how the booth would feel, what’s ADAT’s and two inch reel How you ad-lib? What’s a punch? I ain’t a boxer But I sure enough learned the ropes, look D and Mike you made a monster Now everyday’s a game of Contra, I got 99 men An infinite amount of rounds inside this mighty fine pen This is my dream, don’t fuck with it, I’m telling you Cause anyone can get dusted as long as production is available I’m disgusted as a fan, look how niggas sounding, damn Weak head, ya’ll suck bad, fuck swag and your kicks from South Japan I’m finna to be the best in this profession I’ve been invested all my life, so wipe your feet before you step in Our house 
from Ronnie`s instagram

                                                                Ronnie Radke - Vocals

Derek Jones - Guitar/Vocals
Jacky Vincent - Lead Guitar
Mika Kazuo Horiuchi - Bass
Ryan Seaman - Drums

They have amazing T-shirts to add to your Metal Core Band collection. And this band is a favorite if you are thinking of dressing up like them for Halloween too!



Cafe Fashionista said...

I love their name and style! :)

meg said...

I bet they have amazing shows!

ellie said...

Definitely, such a cool band.