Saturday, October 6, 2012

David Walton

It might be hard to believe, but David graduated from Brown University back in 2001. Since then, he makes the dumb surfer dude jock character worthy. I love him in NBC's BENT. And of course he was obnoxiously sensational as Dr. Rick in FIRED UP. And he started the New Girl off with a bang this season as Sam hooking up with Jess, thinking she was Katie from the online dating hookup. Oh, he might be the only reason to watch the NEW GIRL. I really liked the chemistry between Sam and Jess.

In fact he's a proud Dad of Celia Delphine Walton!

David is married to Majandra Delfino who you might remember from long ago on ROSWELL. They were both on Quarterlife.

There is something about David Walton that is familiar. Possibly, you've all met someone a bit like him. He is showing he's a wonderful character actor. Hopefully, we will see him in more movies. This is one actor who has more of a range of acting skills than we possibly know. I really love his characters.



meg said...

Aw, its so great that he's a Dad. And, I loved her on Roswell.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He reminds me a bit of Ryan Reynolds. :)

Scarlett and Eva said...

He's such a cool guy!