Friday, October 5, 2012

Your Sister's Sister

 This is one film that takes improv to a whole new level. First off, its a quirky and tricky predicament how Jack(Mark Duplass) met (Emily Blunt) Iris' sister Hannah (Rosemarie Dewitt). Of course, we could all blame it on Iris, who was intervening. Jack just hasn't been the same since his brother's death. Iris used to be with Jack's brother but broke  up with him before he died. However, everything changes one night when Jack meets Hannah at their father's cottage.

Also interesting. Iris is British. Hannah is not. They have the same father and spent summers with him at the cottage. Jack is in love with Iris, but he won't let himself be with her because of his brother. Iris, of course, longs for Jack who isn't exactly in the best mental state of things. He just might be his worst enemy. Bring in some very intense and unique conversations and things might get weird. Oh, and Hannah just broke up with her girlfriend.

Rachel Weiss was suppose to have Hannah's role, but I'm glad Rosemarie played this role.

The art and beauty of these complications are in the natural dialogue, generated by 12 days of production with writer/director Lynn Shelton in several cabins on the Islands. Because I'm a fan of Brit director Mike Leigh's organic working out of dialogue with his actors, I found this film as pleasant as overhearing crisp, natural dialogue at the table next to me in a quiet, classy restaurant.-John Desando 

I loved the scenic beauty of this film, too!

i waited so long for this one (give or take 2 years) and ugh i loved it, especially for its exploration of the family dynamic because that’s my absolute favorite theme in film (i.e., little miss sunshine, junebug, the royal tenenbaums, sunshine cleaning, etc.). i love character studies and this is one of those films where you’re not watching characters but people. just ugh everyone watch this.-benedictarnold

Its interesting how Emily uses the word weird. "I don't want things to get weird." Oddly, Blunt's character in the 5 Year Engagement always kept telling her boyfriend, "Lets get weird."

Its hard to explain just what kind of movie this is. Its not a drama. Its not a comedy and yet it might be a little of both. Its very character driven and some sweet performances from each of the three main characters.

I will confess I find Mark Duplass very honest and endearing on screen. I'm glad to have a chance to see his wonderful improv in this movie. It was very intriguing.

STORYLINE: Mourning the death of his brother, Jack's friend Iris invites him to her father's cottage for some alone time to recuperate. Unbeknownst to either of them, Iris's sister Hannah is also staying at their father's cottage recovering from her recent break-up. One entire bottle of tequila later, Jack and Hannah wake up to find Iris at the door. They each have secrets that they're tying to keep and they each have feelings that they're trying to sort out.



meg said...

I so want to see this.

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I want to see this movie, thx for showing it! I like Emily Blunt! Kisses

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I LOVE Emily Blunt! :)