Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fiction Tuesday - Ray Garton

Ray is a master of horror when it comes to fiction. He was even honored in 2006 with the World Horror Convention Grand Master Award. Its been said he fell in love with horror after reading Thirteen Ghosts. He also writes under the pseudonym Joseph Locke which is usually Young Adult.

He sold his first novel in 1984 Seductions

In a Dark Place The story of a True Haunting just might be a favorite of his. "An intriguing account of the Snedekers' encounter with the world of the supernatural describes the family's move into a converted Connecticut funeral home and their battle with sinister, inexplicable phenomena."

"Set in California's dark underworld of sexual deviants, pornographers and sadomasochists, Garton's (Dark Channel) latest thriller is an unremittingly grim smorgasbord of child abduction, incest and torture. Bentley Noble is an embittered tabloid reporter assigned to follow the story of a missing boy. A quirky woman who communes with Liberace's ghost convinces Noble that the boy has been kidnapped by Satanists and, with the help of a young computer hacker, he breaks into the Satanist's online network. The technology here is hardly more interesting than using a telephone, but it is enough to get the book labeled a "techno-thriller." Only readers devoted to detailed scenes of child torture, amateurish writing and offensive language will be hooked by this." -Publisher's Weekly

"Garton has an entrancing way with words that manages to be poignant, gripping, moving, and direct all at the same time. Not a single word is wasted within his pages. Live Girls is at times gritty, gory, and beautiful, as well as everything in between. Garton's vampires lie somewhere between Rice's romantic visionaries and Meikle or Kilpatrick's vicious predators, tending to more closely resemble a modern day, explicit and unreserved Dracula. It's a slightly newer spin on the genre, without being so off-beat that it's difficult to sink your teeth into. Live Girls will grab you by the neck and pull you into it's voracious clutches, not letting go until you've devoured the novel in it's entirety. Once the pace gets going, it never lets up, rapidly spiraling into the intense finale." CreepyT


Recently I read Trailer Park Noir, and it was quite a trip. I love how Garton can quickly draw you in to these characters that are intriguing. Yes, his stories can be a naughty treat as well, but somehow he delivers something so horrific. Garton is quite the page turner when it comes to his stories.-Ellie   

Do you have a favorite Ray Garton book?


meg said...

His work sounds interesting. I want to read Live Girls.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The horror pieces look perfect for Halloween!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great time to have these on your reading list

Chris Ed said...

Really interesting review! I love horror movies, but don´ t read horror books, may be I should start with one of his books!

MOSAMUSE said...

may be too scary for me!!