Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Emmy-nominated TV writer and playwright Craig Wright is the creator of this latest attempt by the network to establish itself in scripted television — or, at least, television that admits to being scripted. Wright has previously written for Six Feet UnderLost and Brothers & Sisters, and he was the creator of the short-lived yet entertaining Dirty Sexy Money.Underemployed, he says, was inspired by his 23-year-old son.-Emma Miller

Yet again, MTV brings us a 20-something show. Its a longer piece with a bigger cast than I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK.

As of yet, I'm not totally loving it. Its Chicago based from what I can tell. I think. And yes, they are college graduates who haven't made their fortune yet.

Diego Boneta is Miles, who is probably the one we want to watch in this series. His Miles seems to be working the hardest. A wanna be star, but making ends meet with catering and the occasional hookups with cougars, hoping to spring board his career. So yeah, it makes me cringe a little. He's no Jason Strider (Peter Vack) from I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK. Even if Strider had weekly adventures in hookups around New York City, there was just something endearing that Vack gave to the audience. Like maybe he wasn't as smart as he thought he was. Yet there was the suspense of how he could pull himself out of these circumstances. Which, truth be told, many of us could relate too. Anyway, I want to like Miles, I guess I'll have to wait and see.

There is Sarah Habel's Daphne who some might wonder is daft, working as an intern without pay for so long who then gets mixed up with her boss Charlie Webber who she finds out later, already has a girlfriend. The writing is a little too slick for these scenes.

Still there is a commendatory for the cast of friends. Yet, I don't get Inbar Lavi's Raviva at all. She shows up pregnant at her ex's place. Things did not go well for her as a musician out in L.A. She's kind of cruel to him. Not giving him answers. She doesn't seem to want to have the baby nor would be baby friendly, but she looks as if she is ready to deliver any second. It seems rather doomed. If she's suppose to be whip smart, well, I really don't have much sympathy for her. She seems to only want to make her ex suffer. And she's no kinder to her mother who I was hoping would be much more ethnic.

Her ex is played by Jared Kusnitz (Remember him from the cult classic DANCE OF THE DEAD) who wants to very much be out on his own. He rooms with Miles in a rather beautiful flat. But most of his jobs don't amount to much. Although, I kind of thought he'd be a bit more hippish. Vegan-like and choosing to live out of a sleeping bag. Still his Lou goes begging to his executive father for a job. Perhaps, his Dad has him where he wants him, but Lou is definitely not a happy camper.

Then we have smart and possibly witty Michelle Ang all nerdy with her thick glasses. She has plans of being a novelist right now, but she's in severe writer's block. And she is the doughnut girl. Granted, she is so beautiful. I feel they won't move her character very much in the story. Which is a shame. So lets give her the lesbian storyline.

Time will tell if they find the viewers, and will MTV give it a hearty go. They need more faith in their shows. Granted, AWKWARD and TEENWOLF have taken off with lots of fans. Hopefully, those guys will show some love to this show too. If only, MTV would have stuck with I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK. It was smart and oh so cool.



Cafe Fashionista said...

This show looks like so much fun - Daphne is gorgey!! :)

ellie said...

Such an interesting cast. I'm hoping for more as the show progresses.

Sara said...

Looks interesting enough! I seem to never catch any of the MTV shows though.

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...

love this!
pics are amazing!

meg said...

Its got such a cool cast!

MOSAMUSE said...

good movie and unfortunately a lot of ppl in our generation are going thru this!

Anonymous said...

This show looks really kooky, I am now wanting one of those doughnut headbands.