Friday, January 11, 2013

Notes from the Closet - Parenthood

The Braverman's livingroom.

This season on Parenthood has taken us places where we weren't sure we wanted to visit, but many families often go through these ups and downs in their daily lives.

Drew and Amber Braverman. Always there like a big sis should be.

Amber is dealing with a boyfriend who has came home from the war who's quite depressed and can't handle a job. She met him via her grandfather who was helping down at the Veteran's center.

Parenthood confessions

Then there is Kristina's breast cancer storyline that has shown from the very beginning how it brings family together. It also show you the changes she has to make and how she has to handle people looking at her. Especially, after she shaves her head.

Just a thought..I don't want to see Jason Ritter leave the show. I'd like to see his character with that might really be a story.-Ellie

Of course, Sarah is in a triangle of sorts with a younger man who wants to marry her and her boss, the older guy she has been having fun with.


Finally, Crosby married Jazmin and now they want another baby, but her mom moves in because of financial troubles.

Sam Jaeger as Joel has more faith in Victor than his wife does. Unfortunately, Victor is damaged goods and could possibly be the bad seed...that might even break their marriage.

I think one of the hardest story lines is the one where Julia and Joel take in Victor, a troubled foster kid, to adopt. He has so many issues. Possibly, he wants to be loved by Julia and yet he treats her the worst. Thus, there comes the neglect from their own daughter Sydney. Lots of family trouble brewing in this story.


Aspie Max finally one his middle school election. Now if he can wash like a normal teenagers. Of course, the TALK begins. And it was a great conversation. I do love how Max Bruckholder plays his part. Genius.

Honestly, though Miles Heiser who plays Drew is showing what a fine young actor he is. It was such a sad storyline that I know we will see a lot more to it. Teenage Drew didn't want his girlfriend to get an abortion, but he was there for her. It was such an emotional story that we rarely ever see the guy's side of the story.

More great Highlights of the show at FYtheBravermans

There are only two more episodes of this season's Parenthood on NBC.



Cafe Fashionista said...

This sounds/looks like such a powerful show. :)

ellie said...

I love this show.

lucy and sarah said...

Drew's storyline was so well as Max's.

Sara Gerard said...

I really wish I watched this show!