Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tame Impala

Kevin Parker (vocals/guitar) and Dominic Simper (bass) formed Tame Impala back in 1999 in Perth, Australia. They were only 13 then. Over the years the band has had help from MGMT as well as the Black Keyes. They just might be the band to look for this year.

Tame Impala soothes a lonely soul.-INC

“There’s a party in my head and no one is invited”

When I first heard about Lonerism I wasn’t too excited. I heard the first single “Elephant,” and was very troubled about the fact that I wasn’t getting the emotion that I had always gotten out of songs like “Alter Ego” and others off of Innerspeaker. Instead I was getting a song that was just plain cool, and that wasn’t cutting it for me. But then I remembered how I got into Tame Impala in the first place. I was seduced by the song “Desire Be, Desire Go,” which was so decidedly cool. It was only after that introduction that found my true connection with the band: Loneliness. On songs like “Solitude is Bliss,” I really empathized with the companionless frontman trying to defend his anti-social lifestyle. Eventually I found that the well titled Lonerism actually had even more of these pitiful emotions than even before! In fact “Why Won’t They Talk to Me?” eventually became the go-to song when I was dealing with loneliness at my first semester away from home-mangled peaches



Cafe Fashionista said...

I seriously dig their sound - it's so mellow and amazing. :)

Marionetka Mody said...

like them!

Sara Gerard said...

Cute guys in cool sweaters? I must have a listen when I get home :)

MOSAMUSE said...

very nice... and i love MGMT!