Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fiction Tuesday

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It All starts with a KISS. Harlequin's  Kiss Collection. Need some romance this month? Nobody does it better than Harlequin.

Naturally, these are a guilty pleasure for some. Although, this series is about situations of accidentally getting married or suddenly, finding themselves with someone else's children. How in the world does that happen? And still finding love. True, there is a certain formula to them. Still, Harelquin has a way of making some smile or just getting off to bed with sweet dreams.

Others can have a day at the library having a laugh looking through these paperbacks. Still, this series target is more for the younger woman in all of us ..out there.

“You can believe I took you to be my wife. To honor, respect and protect, for all the days of our life.”

"This could have been the conventional type of romance. One which consists of an `accidental' marriage that the pair decides to try to make real. It would have been good too. Instead, this author took what could have been a trite and silly fairy tale type unbelievable romance and turned it into something more...something a little more real. Moreover, it is a lot better than the usual conventional themes." One fan says about the start of the series, Waking Up Married.

This might be a milder version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Some of us do like our romances not quite so fierce.




Cafe Fashionista said...

This looks like such a cute collection of romance novels! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Great collection for this month!

Anonymous said...

These do look fun.