Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Its almost Valentines Day

Naturally, one of my favorite couples is on the outs at the moment. Will Tobey and Spencer ever recover? It looks like Spencer just might go mental on Pretty Little Liars. Things don't look so lovely for Ari and Ezra, either. Just when Hannah finds Caleb's Dad and all is swell, she see's his dad might still be up to his old tricks as a thief. A still reeks havoc on the show. See, Valentines Day can be cruel.

Things look to be still on HOLD, for Josh and Nora once again on Being Human. Even if he did ask her father about his intentions with Nora. It can really hurt a relationship when one is still a werewolf and the other isn't. And did Aidan and Sally have a moment? In bed? Well, she did threaten to stake him. And he did leave her all alone at a biker bar. Things aren't easy in the Supernatural world when the flu has been like the plague for vampires, and Sally isn't sure what she's doing, being in a new body and no longer a ghost. This new season is really playing out with some great new storylines.

Ginny and Frankie. Will they ever get it together? Or just keep having awkward moments on Bunheads?

Kyle is like the Scott Wolf of Broadway. More Andy Mientus please!
Is Karen just in love with Jimmy's music?

Will there be some real happiness on SMASH this season? Are there sparks between Karen and Jimmy? Do we even care? Maybe we are hoping Kyle has a romance with the new guy this season.

Honestly, gay romance seems to be lacking in some of our favorite shows. I can't say I really trust Emily's new girlfriend. Paige is no Maya. Tom from SMASH never seems to find the right guy. Thankfully, things weren't left totally tragic for Thomas on Downton Abbey with his advances toward Jimmy(which wasn't anything Thomas had hoped for). Definitely, some mixed signals going on there, thanks to a maid. Yet, the show exposed the historical factor of the time. If gay activity was reported to the police, he could spend plenty time in jail and never get real employment, again.

All is not fair when it comes to love.

Wishing you a fantastic Valentines Day!



Cafe Fashionista said...

Ginny and Frankie would make such a cute couple! :)

Sara Gerard said...

I think Ginny and Frankie need to be a couple! They are so cute!

ellie said...

I'm hoping Aidan and Sally get together. I think that would be cool.

MOSAMUSE said...

happy Valentines Day!!