Monday, February 11, 2013

John Dies at the End

what happened and what did I watch.
And I don’t know if  hated it or loved it. -x

Quite possibly, you read the book. Anywho..get ready for complete weirdness. To some, its down right silly, and can't go for that. Still, I believe director Don Coscarelli definitely did an awesome job of adapting the book into a movie. I'm sure its on its way to being a cult classic..right up there with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

You asked me earlier if I was a sociopath. Well, you’d better hope I am because the world was built by sociopaths, men willing to send a million innocent boys into battle to be chopped to screaming giblets, all so a banner can be raised over another piece of land with houses and markets and roads soon after.
“John Dies at the End” by David Wong, page 444
 However, nothing this quite fascinating and honest in the movie.

You don’t choose the soy sauce, the soy sauce chooses you.

The movie has a wonderful cast. It doesn't hurt to have Paul Giamatti along for the ride. Although, I seriously feel this movie belongs to Chase Williamson as Dave Wong. More so than Rob Mayes as John.

It all starts with a party. If only, Dave had got the Jamaican guy a beer. But who knows, I'm sure the story would have started somewhere. For the most part the movie is a great big flashback as it weaves the wonders of the special soy sauce. Add a creepy spider or two and special effects with a meat monster and you just might be having freaky dreams, too.

Need an anti-Valentines day treat? Its easier than you think. Just hook up with Amazon Instant Video with this one.

STORYLINE: It's a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. On the street they call it Soy Sauce, and users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John and David, a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can't. Written by David Wong



Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! This sounds so creepy! :/

Sara Gerard said...

It sounds really strange, but I want to see it.

ellie said...

Its so crazy..still a fun movie!

Natasha Gregson said...

I've never seen it, it sounds very entertainning though :)


Winnie said...

Not sure if this is my kind of film but it has an interesting story line!

MOSAMUSE said...

cute quotes :)