Friday, March 15, 2013


Oh so very indie, but still its one movie that has a lot of heart thanks to that sunny California look of Jimmy Bennett. The tale takes place in 1989 in a blue collar atmosphere of New York (Although, it has all the look of California to it..just saying..cause nobody sounds like they are from New York City or Jersey). Still there is just something about this movie you can't help but want to watch.

So we have Jimmy Bennett as Bones, an almost 14 year old who's heavy metal guitar playing uncle (Zakk Wylde) is raising him. Its definitely a character movie. Bones is cool. He should have been a character of an S.E. Hinton novel. You just want to say to him, shake him, "Stay Gold." He's got the sliding part mop of glossy hair, making him some what surfer dude like. Bones smokes, and he does weed and he drinks and has plans to some day move to California and make it, in music.

Melissa Ordway stars as Sam who has a boyfriend, Derrick (Jesse James) who meet up with Bones out at where he used to hang out with all his friends. Unfortunately, everyone is gone. Before long Sam wants Bones to meet her little sister Kelly (Jonna Walsh). Of course, this is after she tells some thugs where to go who try to harass Sam and Derrick and Bones.

Honestly, its a story of middle to lower class America, and the universal problems of gangs. Its how we react to fear and sometimes that reaction makes things worse, yet you have to protect yourself too.  But is that enough?

Seriously, though we get to see the many shades of Bones. And this is his story. His Dad was a junkie he never knew and his mother was on drugs who died when he was four. His uncle means well, but he does let Bones drink a lot.

Just when you thought this movie was going to be easy going with songs from old rock bands, something tragic happens. Bennett definitely has the emotion to carry the movie. I can't say there are many guys out there- a foot short than the girl- who can some how come out as the cool kid you just have to hang out with...but Jimmy Bennett can do it. Maybe he was just born with it.

It is a sad story. And you should come away with the fact that guns are bad news. Violence is bad. Just why can't we all get along?

As I said before, this movie is very indie. Please keep that in mind if you watch it.


ellie said...

Jimmy is possibly the real Jimmy in this flick.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This kind of looks like one of the most amazing films - I'd love to see it. :)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is so cool.

Sara Gerard said...

This looks really fantastic!