Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm fangirling...

Australian actor Craig Horner as Richard Cypher in “Legend of the Seeker”. I don’t like these kinds of series, but it wasn’t hard to follow this eye candy de luxe!!-C
There is something so Marc-Andre Grondin about him. Oh, if only we could get a new season of Legend of the Seeker.
Grondin's birthday just the past week on March 11.
(Marc & Gaspard) They are born 8 months apart. Heaven got lazy and used the same face.-Stevie
‘Twisted’ To Premiere June 11 with Sneak Peak Airing on March 19 ABC Family
Grey Damon stars in Twisted, too!

I've heard this song in two movies that I've watched lately. Daniel Johnston is still one of my favorite voices and songwriters in music.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh Marc is gorgey! :)

mazzymay said...

Can't wait for Twisted!

Anonymous said...

Love THE SEEKER! & Marc too and also Gaspard!

lucy and sarah said...

I'm fangirling Twisted!

Linda said...

I love the True Love song.