Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mindless Behavior

With a little help from Keisha Gamble, Walter Millsap comes a boy band. Add a song like MY GIRL and you've got something more than spectacular in the works. OH..and they needs some amazing names like Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal to make you look twice.

These guys have toured with Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson. Back in 2011 they were on the SCREAM tour with OMG girlz. Recently, they were the opening act for Lil Twist. Just a matter of time there will be so many wanting to open for these guys!

Mindless Behavior My Space


Cafe Fashionista said...

I have to check them out right now. :)

Sara Gerard said...

I love their look, cannot wait to hear their sound!

MOSAMUSE said...

lol this reminds me of when i was 10 and in love with a group called "immature"

lucy and sarah said...

I think their movie All around the World opens this weekend.