Wednesday, March 27, 2013


STORYLINE: Martín and Mariana are slightly damaged people who live in buildings just opposite one another. While they often don't notice each other, separation might be the very thing that brings them together.

The movie takes place in Buenos Aries. Its a movie in several different parts. One the seasons of which these two live in, in a very crowded city. Two.. we see Martin's point of view. Then we see Mariana's point of view. They are a lot of like in what they love about the city and how they cope with their depression of living alone and not meeting the right person yet. Honestly, it is a beautiful movie exposing urban living of the single life in a shoebox apartment.

Mariana played by

Pilar López de Ayala

I thought Mariana's flat was very unusual as she makes the most of her space. Although, she brings in so much. She is a window dresser and manikins are a part of her life. What she does with them, can be a little peculiar. Yet she is so alone she feels she is becoming a manikin herself. Unfortunately, she has a lot of phobias. She won't ride elevators.

The internet brings me closer to the world, but further from life.

Martin has his phobias too. Except, he's taken in his ex-girlfriend's dog. As the story progresses, he becomes involved with a dog walker. Their quirky relationship is a bit comical, yet, she is not the right person for him. He tries his best to meet new people. Do new things. He tries his best to improve himself.

I loved the arthouse quality of this film too!

I’ve been an architect for two years, but still haven’t built anything. Neither a building, nor a house, nor a bathroom. Nothing. Only models that are uninhabitable, and not only because of their scale… I didn’t fare well with other constructions either: My four-year relationship collapsed despite my efforts to shore it up. If my life were a game of life, I’d have to move back five spaces. That’s why I’m here: With my disorderly life in 27 boxes, I sit on twelve metres of bubble wrap, popping bubbles so that I myself don’t pop.-Marianna

It is interesting how these two almost meet and then they don't. They even meet online and enjoy each others company in a chat. This is a sweet gem of a film. If you like foreign films and the in depth look at relationships and living alone, then you'll want to see this film.



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This sounds like such a charming story! :)

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Loved this movie!

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Such a wonderful movie!

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I wanted to see this, it looks great!

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it sounds good but i'd see it to check out buenos aires!

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you have some really good finds for sure!