Friday, March 29, 2013


Is he or isn't he? A sociopath? This is the main theme of the new character Avan Jogia will be playing in ABC Family's Twisted. He's Danny Desai and he's had a rather disturbing childhood. He's spent most of his adolescents in jail for the death of his Aunt.

Danny Desai, a charismatic 16 year-old boy who has a mysterious past that involved murdering his aunt at only 11-years-old. Years later, he finally returns home after being released from custody and tries to reconnect with his childhood best friends. However, another murder happens and he is the prime suspect. Danny will do whatever it takes to clear his name.
Which One Will it be?I really love Danny’s relationship with both girls.-Twaters

Now he's back at his old school. Unfortunately, over the summer his dad was killed in a boating accident. Can he pick up where he left off with his childhood friends?

There is definitely a great romantic triangle too. Such an adorable cast with Maddie Hasson and Kylie Bunbury.

Seriously, this has to be my favorite character Avan Jogia has played. Its great to see him in a part like this. Deep down we always like a bad boy. But just how bad is he? Perhaps he's completely innocent. Who knows what sort of tricks he picked up in jail. He might be destined to a life of crime. No matter what.

What's worse, there is death of a classmate who's party Danny went to. Does he really have an alibi?

Grey Damon just might get to show his true colors on the show..which means his character is definitely complicated.

Thankfully, ABC Family gave us a sneak peak after the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars. The show will be back in June on Tuesday nights. Can we wait that long?



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Looking forward!

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So this show looks seriously epic! :)

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Looks like a cool show! And whatever he is, he is CUTE.