Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nicole Munoz

Nicole Munoz

“Honestly, when I was in elementary school there was a point when I just assumed that everyone was an actor,” says the 18-year-old from White Rock. “That’s how I grew up, doing auditions.” Nicole has been acting since she was 4. She's from Vancouver.

Recently, she was in Hemlock Grove, in the most unusual role as the pregnant werewolf girl.

Nicole has the face of the most sweet and innocent, but she most definitely has the acting skills to be Miss Independent too.

Christie and Alek

On working with Graham Greene:
“The way he acts, he’ll do the smallest things that will have the biggest impact,” she says. “In one scene in an upcoming episode, I’m leaving him to go to my boyfriend.
“There’s no lines for Graham, it’s just a close-up of his face and you can just see the heartbreak. I’d love to know what he does, what’s his recipe for everything.”

She is Christie McCawley on SyFy's Defiance. She plays the daughter of the miner who just might be defying her family by being engaged to Alien Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath). Its sort of a good old Romeo and Juliet kind of story. Except Alak has a pirate radio show and his family wants Christie to take family baths with them. So many customs she isn't exactly used too. Will their love survive?
Watching Defiance premiere with Justin Rain who plays her brother.

Nicole will be in a new SyFy movie Scarecrow. Coming soon.


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