Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Fan girling...

Ryan Guzman as Jake on Pretty Little Liars was a sweet surprise. Will Aria get involved with her Karate teacher?

David Lambert as Brandon is showing he's a whole lot more than just a big brother on he show.
Definitely a new show addiction!

Jake T. Austen as Jesus Foster. Oh my! Great to see his acting skills at work. He and Cierra Ramirez play twins.

Callie (Maia Mitchell) reminds me of Lucy Hale.

Oh, I think I'm getting into THE FOSTERS. Such a fantastic cast with complicated stories by the ocean, no less.  I really like the family aspect of the show. See it on Monday nights on ABC Family.
Who knows? We might get to see him shirtless this summer on Switched at Birth.
Leading man at work!

Blair Redford is back on SWITCHED AT BIRTH. ABC Family hasn't decided to keep The Lying Game. July will be when they decide. Anyway, Blair's character is in the Army and there are some very tense moments between he and "Bay."
Someone is sacrificing virgins around town. And Stiles is afraid he might be next.
All in a day's work!
Such a happy bunch! & they make us keep coming back for more. Teenwolf is definitely a fierce rollercoaster ride this season!
The Carvers what a duo!

TEENWOLF was excellent this past week. Maybe..just Maybe Derek will get a love interest yet!


RaeAbigael said...

hot dudes!!!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! Teen Wolf...I need to see this show! :)

Sara Gerard said...

So many awesome shows!!

Krystal said...

looks good!