Friday, June 21, 2013

Walking and Talking

The first time I saw this film I only caught a 1/4 of it. It took me years it seemed to find out the title. I truly love the cast and the characters. Its a movie I could see over and over again.

This movie came out in 1996 and its still an indie favorite of mine with Catherine Keener and Anne Heche playing Amelia and Laura who were childhood friends, but are now adults living in New York City.
Kevin Corrigan plays "The Ugly Guy" that Amelia hooks up with from the Video store. She has a few hangups with her past boyfriend, Andrew (Liev Schreiber) but they have remained friends. Perhaps Amelia analyses herself too much while Laura is becoming a therapist and should probably think more before she does things.
Laura is getting married. Her friendship with Amelia is changing, and Amelia doesn't really like change. Yet, I have a feeling she might be the better friend in the movie.
I so love the cat story in this film. Amelia's cat has cancer so Amelia decides  to put the cat through chemo. Of course, Laura just doesn't see why Amelia would want to go to so much trouble with the cat. Naturally, the end of the cat story is quite quirky.
Its great to see how her friendship develops with her ex. And I like how she enjoys his company, yet she likes remaining alone too. Truly, its a story of independence and still Keener has a way of making her Amelia so supportive to all her friends. She's the kind of normal we all seek, yet nothing is ever really normal.The soundtrack is so great in this movie and I love Keener's wardrobe, as well.


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