Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Such a daring indie film from 2009. This isn't your ordinary teen movie. It will make you think.


Granted its a strange little film. Its broken down into three you the characters name of Alexia (Emmy Rossen), Ben (Ashely Springer), Johnny ( Zach Gilford).

dare johnny

"No book in the whole world can teach you how to feel. You gotta figure that out for yourself."-Grant Matson.

Alexia wants to be an actress. She's a good girl with great grades and scholarship worthy. She has the best childhood friend in the world Ben (Who is so Jesse Eisenberg). Then there is Johnny who could care less about acting but here he is in a play with Alexia.

Alexia is shy and can't get the nerve up to get 'In the Know' with home town guy who made it big..Grant Matson played splendid by Alan Cummings. Well, he dares her to do something she's never done before. Experiment life.

rooney in dare

So she shows up with her friend (Rooney Mara), thats where the games begin.

On one level its a movie  where the geeky theater kids get the popular boy. But Johnny is not your typical popular. He's got issues. A mother who doesn't want him. His Dad is always on business. His step mom is out spending money and he's home alone.

Ben and Johnny

Ben isn't exactly as loyal as Alexia would have hoped, either. Granted Ben's gay character comes off ..just a little rapey and stalkerish. As the movie progresses..we got ourselves an American threesome.

As one fan put it, "Its an Emotional Horror story." Perhaps it is. As the title tells you..well DARE is definitely involved. And who gains the most from it..just might surprise you.



Cafe Fashionista said...

I love Emmy! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, so many awesome people in this movie!