Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday Night TV

Its still my favorite night for TV. I dunno what happened to Thursday nights. Maybe that's why Hanninbal gobbled up the ratings.


Anyway, this summer just got better with THE FOSTERS on ABC Family and MTV's TEENWOLF. Two shows that have absolutely nothing in common.

Its great to have a show on ABC Family in the tradition of Washington Heights, yet its been updated a bit. Its about a lesbian couple with their children and bringing in foster kids. The main couple, are very well matched for each other. Its great to see Teri Polo in her role as Steph the police officer while Sherri Saum brings her own special kind of  mother, teacher Lena character to guide and about talk about the woes of growing up and being different.

girl with you tube

Now some might think it on the cheesy end, but really I see a lot of love in this show and it does touch on a lot of different problems that many families face from economics to the mixed feelings of illegals' rights. Naturally, its got a surprising cast of young actors who definitely are worthy of their characters. Jake T. Austin as Jesus is very real from his feelings to finding love, dealing with ADD and the stress he can't help to react to when his biological mother comes into the picture. Maia Mitchell shows that her Callie has been through a lot and is very protective of her younger brother Jude (Hayden Byerly) who's a little gem of an actor who can make you full of feels with his complicated Jude. If that's not enough, big brother Brandon (David Lambert) has a way of wanting to be there for those in need. Especially, Callie. So there in a triangle of sorts when Alex Saxon is added to the mix. His Wyatt is definitely a slightly troubled teen who wants to do more than hang out with Callie. Of course, Wyatt used to be with Brandon's girlfriend. So yeah, the story has some heavy storylines as well as just some character stories you can't help but get attached too.


While this season on TEENWOLF has been epic as every episode builds. The writers as well as the actors are producing movie worth episodes. I dunno how much these guys get paid, but they are definitely pushing the show to new limits. Alfas at war and the sacrifices, influences by old world tales of the druids and other ancient stories.

everyone else in the room can see it ☯

Sure we've got Styles (Dylan O'Brien) doing what he does best. Oh, he's awesome with mysteries even in the most clumsy way. We keep wondering now..will he hook up with his number one crush Lydia (Holland Rodand) or move on to someone else like Derrick's little sister Nora (Adelaide Kane). Honestly, I'm hoping for Styles and Nora. There are times, I'm not sure Lydia is worth of Styles when she keeps messing around with one of the Carver twins. And Oh.. have Max and his brother showed they are well built heart throbs! And Derrick is in LOVE. Finally.

Last night's episode was great with the back story of how Derrick had fallen in love in high school. That meant Michael Fjordback was back as the young Peter Hale. One wonders of Hale's powers now. Seriously, this show is going where no werewolf show has ever gone with shapeshifters and those action scenes. Its great to see Crystal Reed's character showing her strength as the werewolf hunter who can also be in love with a werewolf (Tyler Posey) too.

Only a few more episodes this season on these shows. Make sure to tune in.



Cafe Fashionista said...

LOVE Teen Wolf! :)

Natasha Gregson said...

I have to admit I don't watch any of these shows :/ Thursday always used to be my fave tv night but most of my fave shows have had their season finale in the uk! At least suburgatory season 2s just started :)

ellie said...

I love both of these shows. Teenwolf just gets better and better and The Fosters left it in such a cliffhanger this past Monday night.

meg said...

I love these shows!