Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Orange is the New Black

STORYLINE: Piper Chapman is sent to prison as a result of her relationship with a drug smuggler.

It might not be a ground breaking drama on netflix, but definitely has enough to keep  you watching. Its not really a comedy..yet..its not a drama, either. Yet, it comes off very real. Its also a chance for Jason Biggs to be a character you want to endear and he really hasn't had a character like that since LOSER. He plays Piper's fiancee.

Piper had a lesbian lover too played by the incredible Laura Prepon ..who hasn't had a character either that she could really sink her teeth into. So its great to see these two show case their talent. Also, it a show for women of color. Granted, they are in prison, but still we get to see some mighty fine actors from women we might not know about, but should.

Laverne Cox getting the perfect part for a transgender role.

The thing is with the show..You've got present scenes and past scenes delved up, instantly. Sometimes, that might be confusing. Still, its a cool script with a great cast. This is one summer show you just might find your addicted too. And the best can watch the show all at once..or take your time.

Piper is played by Taylor Schilling. She was in THE LUCKY ONE as well as ARGO. She was on the TV series MERCY.

Life in never know who might pop in.
Piper Kerman is in charge of the writing. This is her first series. She gets help from Jenji Kohan who is the creator of this show as well as WEEDS.

most people are better in the abstract

—  Orange is the new black



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