Friday, August 23, 2013

Degrassi Notes

Missing You

Yes..its true..the writers killed of their transgender character Adam Torres played by the happy go lucky Jordan Todosey. Actually, it was a ground breaking role for the teen series. Degrassi goes places most TV shows won't with very real-life series. Degrassi is not afraid of LGBT storylines.

I knew it was coming. I couldn't see the actress continuing the role since her character was transgender and they always referred to Adam as a he even if she was just starting the hormone therapy to change. Actually, the real story to the story is DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE. This has been a theme with the writers all year. Actually, Adam was trying to find a signal on her phone while out camping to try to get a hold of her girlfriend Becky Baker (Sarah Fisher), but she hit a tree and later didn't survive surgery.
I’m new to the Beckdam fandom and I just found Becky and Adam and I thought they were so cute. And I loved how Becky fought for Adam and how she didn’t let her family change her ways. She knew Adam was a guy and that was all that mattered. 
I just found them! And now they are gone. Please someone hold me. I cant stop crying!-Taylor

Still, it was such a shock, but Degrassi students came together. Earlier in the season, Cam committed suicide. Another student had cancer. This season has had a lot of intense moments.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Somehow I have never seen Degrassi. :/

ellie's desk said...

Last night's episode was a tear jerker!

Sara Gerard said...

Wow what an intense show!