Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fiction Tuesday - Crush

Are we starting young girls with romance books too early? Not according to some.

"This G-rated, nascent, not-quite-romance novel . . . is squarely aimed at preteen girls and ends on a feel-good note that should please and satisfy . . . Lauren’s personal evolution is welcome and feels earned. The story has a lesson worth learning." - Kirkus reviews
Twelve-year-old Lauren Silver is ready to hit the beach for her annual family vacation. Aside from the sun and sand, she’s especially thrilled to be reunited with her gorgeous summer crush, Charlie Anderson. Sure, she’s only spoken to him once, for exactly thirteen seconds, but she knows they are meant to be together. She’s even spent all year developing The Love Plan, a foolproof way to get to know Charlie and have him fall for her.

But plans don’t always work out, which Lauren learns when she finds out a friend from school, Chrissy Porter, will be joining her family on their vacation. As if having to make Chrissy part of The Love Plan isn’t bad enough, Lauren then has to face a very tough reality of crushes: Sometimes they are not mutual. And sometimes, when fate is playing a really mean trick on you, the object of your crush ends up crushing on your friend Chrissy.

Can Lauren survive her beach vacation? And more importantly, can she survive her first crush? 

The series from Simon and Schuster starts out with LAUREN'S BEACH CRUSH. These books are targeted for 8-12 year old girls. Granted, it is a simple way to get girls back to reading in this high tech world that we live in. And who could resist those covers. The artwork is really sweet.

I was looking through magazines at the grocery store and there was this book. Naturally, I was sure it was going to be a graphic novel.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Angela Darling was nicknamed “The Love Guru” by her friends in school because she always gave such awesome advice on crushes. And Angela’s own first crush worked out pretty well… They have been married for almost ten years now! When Angela isn’t busy reading romance novels, she works as an editor in New York City. She knows deep down that every story can’t possibly have a happy ending, but the incurable romantic in her can’t help but always look for the silver lining in every cloud.

The question now is..would you buy one for a niece or your own daughter?

Crush Books


  1. This actually looks like a cute series for tweens! :)

  2. After reading more on these books, I think the author wants to show girls...they should think for themselves..and a lot times, things never go quite as they'd planned too.

  3. Aww it looks cheesy, but cute! I do like the cover art!


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