Monday, September 9, 2013

The World's End

This is a movie only Simon Pegg could do and it show's his wonderful storytelling. Its kind of hard to explain. Sort of Skins meets the end of the world. Granted, this group of Skins is hitting middle age, and perhaps can't drink as many lagers as they used too.

But it's Simon's Gary King that is the head of the little group. Of course, all he has left are great drinking stories while the rest have managed up the cooperate ladder.
"One night, five guys, 12 pubs. Let battle commence!...this time we'll see it through the bitter end! or the lager end."

Naturally, it wouldn't be a Simon Pegg movie without the wonderful Nick Frost. Somehow, you know these two have a natural bromance that will always be lasting. Still, Frost surprises me everytime with his characters in Simon's movies.
Edgar Wright directed the film.

The movie starts out like a buddy movie. The guys getting back together to make that hometown mile of all the pubs. There is the wonderful  Martin Freeman and Paddy Casidine as Gary's old school mates. They fuss and bicker.

Then a funny thing happens while Gary goes to the loo. Their little village isn't what it seems. Oh, the movie is quite an adventure after that. Yet, Gary is determined to make the rounds of the pubs. But the locals are on to them. However, those locals are out of this world.

The World’s End, then, is an attack on the modern world, and a model of adulthood that necessitates replacing authentic youthful companions with corporate ones—friendships born out of career advancement, and the outward signs of progress, rather than genuinely liking someone […]”-A.D. Jameson

If you need a trip, an escape to the movies, you'll want to check it out. Also, a very worth soundtrack to this movie, too. It was definitely a movie of good fun! And of course, a lot of beer.



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