Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Goldbergs

It almost has that feel between The Wonder Years and How I met Your Mother with that narration to each episode. But it gets a little freaky and high strung for the 80's in my book.

This is a new show on Tuesday nights with ABC. As of yet, I can't say there is a break out star in the bunch. Usually, it takes a couple of episodes to warm up with the family.

Still, I thought the first episode was trying too hard. The family was a bit over the top. Naturally, it has its Jewish root of humor which definitely gives it some fun.

Ginny Garner has a reoccurring role on the Goldbergs. She was on Glee. So this might add a new light on the show too.

I'd like to see the older brother simmer down just a tad. One might wonder about him. And the Mom is waay too high strung. Still, she is definitely the mother on this new show.

Honestly, I wish it were more like Oliver Beene that was set in the 60's. Oh, how I miss that show.



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