Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prince Avalanche

This is a very indie movie. It might be too much of a slow go for some, but if you love Emile Hirch and Paul will definitely want to watch it. Although, I've never seen them in roles like this. The story is pretty much a slice of Americana. It takes place in 1988 in very rural Texas after the wild fires east of Austin.

One might take it somewhere between Mice and Men and Brokeback Mountain.  Yes, its about two men working together, painting stripes on a strip of 8 mile road. Paul Rudd is Alvin and he's hired his girlfriend's little brother Lance (Emile Hirch) to work for him. Rudd is a loner and actually likes being alone, while Lance is wanting the night life. Even nature makes him horny.

But here they are sleeping in a tent together at night. Rudd's Alvin likes living off the land. He complains in his letter to his girlfriend that her little brother can't even gut a fish. It is a lonesome life they lead and Lance can't wait to get back to civilization on the weekend while Alvin prefers to be one with nature.

While Alvin is all by himself, he comes upon a burned out house and he meets this old woman who talks about how this is all she has left. The film presents some very complex characters. Its based on an Icelandic movie called EITHER WAY.

Slowly the story builds of these two men and what love means to both of them. Well, to the ones they love. When Lance comes back he seems different. Before Alvin knows it, they are arguing. They break apart. Come back together.

Lance finds comfort in the old truckdriver who comes by with moonshine. Of course, the old man's advice about Lance's girl troubles is "Never make love to woman more than three times." He tells him he might have feelings for them.

"Sometimes I can do things that can’t really happen."

“What does that mean?”
"I’m impossible."

Anyway, the film does have some highs as well. And its great to see both of these actors take a chance on a little film. Truly it is a little gem you just might find yourself enjoying.



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