Friday, January 10, 2014

Comes a Bright Day

It might not grab you at first, but if you stick with this very British film you might just get what you want.

This film has a great cast. It stars Craig Roberts and Imogene Poots along with the wonderful Timothy Spall that you might remember from the Harry Potter movies. Along with that there is Kevin McKid as the stuttering and tense villain.

STORYLINE: A romantic thriller set during the armed robbery of one of London's most exclusive jewelers.

TRIVIA: For the opening credits, Asprey's allowed the production into their store to film close-ups of some of the jewelery they have on display. A couple of the pieces they filmed were worth more than the film's entire budget.

At times I felt perhaps the cast was miss-cast. But I love Craig Roberts and his Sam does have big dreams, other than working at a big upscale hotel for the rest of his life.  Yet, I'm not sure I saw a "romantic" connection with Imogen Poots' Mary Bright. Still the script gave them time to rekindle a friendship of some kind when they are held hostage in the the impressive jewelry store. 

Naturally, stories or told about their lives and even the jewelry.  Still we see them under fire with the mad jewelry thief who can't get out of the store because of the police surrounding them.

Oddly as the crisis wears on, Sam at least gets the robbers to let them send out for food from the place around the corner where he hopes to open his own place some day with his friend who is a chef (Anthony Welsh).

I'm so glad I saw Anthony in this film. Now I want to watch more films that he's in.-Ellie
I don’t even know why this film is considered a heist film. It’s literally half an hour of character set-up and then forty-five minutes of the two robbers being trapped inside the jewelry store, never once getting their hands on the thing they’d entered the store to steal, and then another ten minutes settling the futures of the characters we’re supposed to care about.-Jen

This might be a film not everyone will get. Still, its very intense and has levels of society connected to where you grew up and who you knew. It might have a been a film that was too smart for its own good.

It will make you think and every actor did give a top notch performance.



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