Friday, March 21, 2014

The 100

Clarke Griffin in "Pilot" - The 100 (Eliza Taylor)

Sounds like the show is getting a bad rap because of the "teenagers" being sent to earth while the adults stay on the spaceship. But its been 97 years since any civilization.

Truly, I think the show has a very cool story. And I love the cast so far. True, they might be a bunch of hooligans..was they are delinquents. Still one might wonder how evil the people are who are still on the space ship. But time and air are running out. And the teenagers who are on earth want their freedom.

The only contact those have up above are the bracelets they wear to let them know they are alive. Its just the adults don't know that the teens are breaking off the bracelets. They think they are dying.

And the teens are starting to figure out (well, our main characters who are off to find supplies) ..they are not alone. There are some pretty freaky creatures about too.
But will Devon Bostick's Jasper be dead by the next episode? 

Honestly, I like the characters already. The good and the bad. And I'm eager for the next episode. On the other hand...

just watched The 100 pilot, which was.. painful. like painfully bad. how they even managed to survive for 97 years is beyond me because they are, each and every single one of them, stupid as fuck. they just arrived on Earth after leaving it behind almost 100 years ago, and what do they do? yell, scream, build a fire, go out on their own. no one considers what kind of animals there could be now. if the water is poisonous to them. they don’t think about making weapons, collecting food. nope, just draw as much attention to yourself as possible.-the reason

Now there are a few adults who want more adults on CW shows. I think they will find them if they keep watching. I felt half the episodes was about the adults and their storylines.

The CW network does not need 2 Vampire shows. It needs fresh shows like Star Crossed and The 100.”-LovesLikes&Dislikes


Sara Gerard said...

I am not sold on it JUST yet, but, I think it is a good, fresh change!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This show looks interesting.