Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kevin Drew

Oh..have you been wishing for some more Broken Social Scene around the corner? Well, I dunno if you'll actually get it..completely, but their front man is now on his own and well, you just might find yourself smiling about it.

Granted with an opener like Body Butter you might just wonder what party you're at. Still, there are songs on this new album to listen to again..and again. Who knows, you might even have a Bruce Springsteen flashback while listening to a few on the songs on this playlist.

OK, I will admit it, his voice is kind of sexy..or is it all that sexy talk? Kind of hard to know for sure. All I can say..he is indie at its best. He's come out with other solo projects like Halogen and Circles.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I have to listen to these!


Lady parisienne said...

Nice review!

Sara Gerard said...

I need to listen to these after work! OH, what a cutie!

Lady Lilith said...

Thanks for posting the music.