Friday, April 4, 2014

Shane Coffey

You might remember him as Holden on Pretty Little Liars or Tim on The Originals. He had a reoccurring role on Perception as well. Naturally, some of us think he deserves his own show. Still, I think he would feel more comfortable behind the camera.

 He has worked on some short films of his own. Like Exiles, where he plays Romeo helping out his best friend Troian Bellisario. I can only hope he'll develop a major motion picture, but if its indie that would be OK with me.

I've been enjoying some of his writings at Blue Cypress.

It was like a warm hood being poured over my eyes. In all the confusion, it took a couple seconds to realize I’d been hit and the hood was a red curtain of blood - my blood. Before I could see, I was hit again. This time in the mouth and I was crumpled out on the cement like a snubbed cigarette.-Trip by Shane Coffey

Just walked passed Koda, a local sushi joint by my building. Behind the bar, they have a small TV playing a tennis match. Covering a giant wall near all of the tables, in view of everybody inside and outside of the restaurant, the documentary Blackfish is being projected on silent while a best of Madonna album spins.

— Shane, 1/23/14

At the Coffee Shop

She’s in my coffee shop, wearing her Ivy League sweater and floral print tights, writing a story on her laptop, occasionally brushing her dark hair away from her dark eyes. I’ve never seen this girl in my life. She slowly moves her lips, quietly chewing on the words she writes. She takes quick breaks by stretching towards the ceiling, sometimes pulling a rope of hair with her. When a writer’s block is thrown her way, she changes her position from cross-legged to one foot pulled onto the chair to the most interesting Indian-style this side of California. She closes her eyes when Neil Young comes on. She brought in her own coffee mug too. It has a “B” on it. She hasn’t looked at me once. I’m in love with her.-Shane

A writer writes, and he is inspiring. Perhaps what I admire the most about him is how he treasures life and its moments in the simplest form..journaling.  I'm hoping big things happen for him. When it does, I know he'll be ready.