Thursday, May 22, 2014


Oh..they are indie, but this group might make you think of Talking Heads or Clap your hands yeah.
Perhaps voice with a wee bit unpredictablity yet they still have a way of carrying this album into a very interesting noise that you might come to enjoy. Raw, but there is that restless punk feeling that you really do feel the music.

Montreal quartet Ought began in 2011, taking heavy cues from their city's thriving scene of underground politics, loft parties, and D.I.Y. culture. Composed of singer/guitarist Tim Beeler, bassist Ben Stidworthy, keyboardist Matt May, and drummer/violinist Tim Keen, the band melded unlikely influences from both high-energy mid-'90s emo bands and airy early college rock acts like the Feelies' or Talking Heads. The bandmembers all lived together in a shared apartment/practice space, self-recording their first EP, New Calm, in 2012. They played frequently in Montreal, eventually catching the ear of indie label Constellation.-MTV