Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fiction Tuesday- East Gate

Book Description: The creation of the supernatural college, East Gate, has thrived for many years until a biotech, Garrett DeFalco comes in and tries to destroy everything they have worked so hard to create. He trusts no one but himself and his supporters. The goal? Go from a typical, Aries created biotech to the most powerful creature of their time. A Chimera. The director of the college and a few of the founders team up to defend their homes and school. Follow the lives of 7 characters through the cities of Tempos. 

East Gate Supernatural Academy

Here is a book for all ages who like the supernatural. It is a self-published book. I accidentally met the author over the weekend. It was quite a surprise, because I had no idea she'd written a book.

She's been writing since she was eight. And its quite a creative endeavor she has created with the first book. Its action packed with all sorts of creatures, trying to get their act together. Will they be superheros or the villains?

Its a book definitely for SyFy lovers.

Book 2 is in the making.


deb said...

So cool that you met a local author.

Sara Gerard said...

Oh awesome!! This looks right up my ally too!