Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tiger Eyes

STORYLINE: After Davey's father is killed in a hold-up, she and her mother and younger brother visit relatives in New Mexico. Here Davey is befriended by a young man who helps her find the strength to carry on and conquer her fears.

This movie is based on a Judy Blume novel. She helped produce the movie too. Actually, the film has such a talented cast with Amy Jo Johnson as the distraught mom that Davey (Willa Holland) has always known to be strong, but after the death of her father, murdered in their sandwich shop on the Jersey shore, everything changes.

Davey moves with her Mom and little brother to New Mexico to live with her overly protective Aunt (Cynthia Stevenson) who doesn't have any children. Its there Davey is close to death, herself. Going off on her own into the rock terrain hoping she find a connection with her father, somehow. Its there when she's taken a fall that she meets Wolf (The wonderful and genuine Native American actor Tatanka Means). They strike up an interesting friendship. He loves to climb the rocks and he teaches her a new balance with nature.

I really loved Tatanka Means' performance.

Of course, she is at a new school making new friends, but the popular girl she finds to know, is pretty much a drunk for the most part.

What I liked about the film is how Davey stays true to herself. She is in sightful and thoughtful too. She is open to new ideas and old ways too. She gets to know Wolf's father at the hospital who is dying. Yes, there is a lot of sadness in this movie, yet there is a lot of hope too.

"Go do something that will make you happy."

Basically, the theme of the movie.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I remember loving this book when I read it in 4th grade!


Sara Gerard said...

Oh man, I can't remember if I read this one or not, I gotta re-read it now!