Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fiction Tuesday

Lucky Santangelo. A fifteen-year-old wild child ready to discover life, love and independence. Daughter of the notorious Gino, Lucky discovers her mother's murdered body floating in the family swimming pool at the tender age of four. Since then Gino has kept her protected from life closeted in their Bel Air mansion. But in Jackie Collins' Confessions of a Wild Child, Lucky finally breaks free, and running away from boarding school the adventures begin. Boys, sex, drugs and rock n' roll - Lucky explores it all in preparation for the strong, kick-ass woman she eventually becomes. Delve into the world that Lucky rules!

Jackie Collins takes you back, way back to where it started. Before Lucky was Lucky Santangelo, she was a wild child who faced tragedy as a five year old when she discovered her mother’s body in the pool and then been kept as a “prisoner” in her own home. But she was a Santangelo, the son Gino always wanted and he couldn’t accept that his daughter was a strong independent woman who was in charge of her own life.

Be strong. Kick ass when necessary. Never give in.
— Lucky Santangelo - Drop Dead Beautiful

Confessions of a Wild Child is in first person and in present tense which may to some readers be a distraction but this proves to be an advantage for this novel as it reads like one long neverending sentence that allows you to devour every confession that Lucky makes. It also gives you insight into the makings of this great character so young adults or established fans can read it. You will not want to put it down. Celi staff didn’t.-S Cuppari
It is summer. Bring on those guilty pleasures. Jackie Collins is probably someone your mother or your grandmother read..and they might not even admit it. But Collins has a way of putting all the glam and Hollywood in perspective. Even the rich and famous have problems too. This is book nine in the Lucky Santangelo series.

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