Monday, July 21, 2014


Oh goodness..just where can I start with this most fierce movie of summer. Yet its about snow and a train. And all these people on the train.  Set in the future.

What I loved about the film was that there isn't this list of people who are in the film. Actually, the train is possibly the star of the movie. It is a metaphor. If you have time to study the philosophy of the story then you might just get in too deep into the story.

As in life, the back of the train is like the back of the bus. That's where the bad things are. The scum of the train but its Curtis who is destined to get at the front of the train where the engine is. A rebellion finally pulls its self forward in motion. Of course, they are pushed back in their struggle by the soldiers of the train.

Joon-ho Bong is a wonderful storyteller and director. He has a very International cast. With the help of Kang-ho Song and newcomber Ah-Sung Ho who were in his previous film THE HOST (No not the Twilight author's film), the story gets even more interesting. Chris Pine and Jamie Bell are Curtis and Edger who survive on the back of the train along with Octavia Spencer's Tanya who's small son is taken by the soldiers. There leader of the pack is the aging John Hurt who is helped by Luke Pasqualino. Perhaps a director's dream team as they fight their way through the train.

This is definitely a film with lots of twist and turns, the code of war and of course, Tilda Swinton always character worthy in any role she takes on. She definitely gives the film its rather dark humor at times. This is a movie that will hopefully be a cult classic.

The movement of the film is suspenseful and restless. If you are a science fiction lover or even a film junky of the Mad Max genre, you will certainly want to find this film to watch. It might be that special gem of summer you will want to have your own personal copy of.

Storyline: Set in a future where a failed climate-change experiment kills all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, where a class system emerges.


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