Friday, July 11, 2014

Finding Carter

Who would think a writer from Lizzie McGuire and Bones could come up with something like this? Terri Minsky and Emily Silver have accomplished something in the first two want to know more about Carter and her friends.

The show has an impressive cast and they have been given good heart characters to play. Honestly, I like Kathryn's Carter much more than I ever liked her Emily on SKINS. Granted, she is not perfect. Plus she has a twin..much more faternal than her actual one in reality that I wish could be on the show too, but maybe that's OK.

Its great to see Alexis Denisof in this role of Carter's biological Dad, up until now, possibly Carter didn't really care. While her kidnapper is much more motherly..Milena Govich..the biological one, Cynthia Waltros is a bad-ass cop who loves her daughter very much and has a bad case of vengeance to bring the kidnapper down who snatch Carter when she was a toddler.

What I like about the show is seeing some new faces with meaty roles. Anna Jacoby-Heron plays her sister Taylor who feels left out when Carter comes home. Also Alex Saxon is right at home, stoner, good friend and possibly best boyfriend around, but Carter is going through changes.

I loved his scene as Max who is being interrogated by Carter's biological Mom. Her mom doesn't want to know about Carter's other mom that Max always found cool. Her real Mom wants to know what Carter is saying about her. Next thing you know, she brings him home.

Oh..things might get interesting this season...Especially with Taylor and Max. Sure, this storyline was in the Lying Game. Twins switching up. All though, it was a little puzzling and a game of lame suspense. This time around, it feels so much more real.

And will Carter lose herself, coming back to the home that has missed her all these years? Will she go down that road with the wrong road where new friends will just use her? Will she even turn away from the one guy, Gabe who just might be her Knight in Shining Armour ..because her sister likes him?

Naturally, there is casual drug use on the show. Still, there are consequences. Also, little secrets keep popping up. Maybe just maybe Carter will find the answers she is looking for from the woman she always thought as "Mom". That is if there is time for them to see each other in mysterious places.

Yeah, Summer just got better with Finding Carter around.

STORYLINE: A teenager finds out she was abducted as a toddler and returns to her biological family.


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