Thursday, September 4, 2014

FKA Twigs

26-year-old London songstress FKA Twigs first piqued our interest with her pair of EPs comprising other-worldly shape-shifting sounds. Songs like "Ache" from "EP" or "How's That" from "EP2" set her airy entrancing vocals to shuddering bass and unsettling percussion. Aaliyah and Björk are two names that pop up often in comparison, the former vocally, and the latter sonically and visually especially after watching Twig's striking videos.

This has raised expectations of her full length debut to a fevered pitch, almost like the second coming. Most may find the album "difficult" at first, but Twigs' strong personality shines through, as do her sensitive vocals that show strength in restraint. In fact, restraint is the only extravagance on this musical adventure.-Nse

 singer Tahliah Burnett, aka FKA Twigs.
                                 Even Rob knows her.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

LOVE her look. I need to check out her music!


ellie's desk said...

Robert's new girl. I hear K.S. isn't too happy about this.

I do find Twigs intriguing and haunting with her voice. Its like she is this old soul.

Sara Gerard said...

She is lovely! I love the 90's vibe she has going on.