Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Not only is Amazon piloting new programs in comedy, but DRAMA too.When I saw that Shaun Cassidy wrote this new show, I had to see the pilot for it. Nobody, does horror quite the way Shaun can.

Mena Suvari plays Logan Harlen, a psychiatrist who is called upon by an old friend to look into a case of mysterious case in Austin, TX. Her professional background makes her the perfect person to look into what caused one teenage girl to become sick and begin spreading the illness to people seemingly related to her. While Logan looks into the case, her fractured past continues to haunt her daily life. She lies awake a night, curled up in bed, taunted by unseen demons. She visits her brother on death row, incarcerated for killing a young girl years prior. And her ex-boyfriend is the brother of Daisy, whose sister is the one her brother is about to be put to death for killing.

T.R. Knight plays Carter, the brother on deathrow.
Adan Canto plays her ex-high school beau who confesses that he is not certain of what her brother did so long ago.

I found the stories so intriguing in this pilot. I can't wait for more! The show has so many angles, from the teen story to what might happen to Carter all seem to tie in. I so hope Amazon will make more of this show.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Hoping to check this out soon - it looks awesome!


Sara Gerard said...

Not sure if this is for me, but Kyle would be all over this.

ellie's desk said...

It was so good. I love the way Shaun lays it all out in layers. The teenage girls. Their recklessness. The parents. How frightened they are as to what has happened from one girl's seizure caught on video. The doctor and her quirky twitch of reality and how she relates to the world. And of course, her irry brother. I have never seen T.R. Knight quite like this before. Amazon..please..please make more of this series!