Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm Fangirling..

I just spotted Richard Harmon this week on THE 100. I'm so glad they kept him on the show. He is perfect for his part. Of course, he had so much blood on his face it was hard to tell who he was. He so easily gets those bad boy parts a lot like Kyle Gallner.

However, this past week the UP network ran the Canadian film IF I HAD WINGS with Richard Harmon, and it was wonderful to see him play a vulnerable blind runner.  Finally, another movie where he is the main character.

Of course, many know him from JUDAS KISS (20ll). While I loved him in the movie, the movie did stray off the path into plain weirdness, other than just a gay movie. And I would watch him in that genre. Although, I would prefer it be from a book like THE VAST FIELDS OF THE ORDINARY or even ONE MAN GUY. And that horror flick you either loved or hated...GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2.

He does make the most being in a supporting cast, but I hope he gets more main character roles. He's definitely ready to act, and I love his characters.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I must check out The 100!


ellie said...

He's so amazing in anything. He is the scene stealer!