Friday, November 4, 2016

if I were in a band

If I were in a band

If I were in a band...I'd want my manager to be as cool as Johnny Depp in the old days when he still sold Tees at concerts.

I'd hang out with Matty, but still play guitar with my oldest friend who taught me to play in middle school.

I'd let Harry think we were dating, except we never went anywhere.

I'd talk to teen idol boys in other countries and laugh with them over stupid stuff.

I'd lose my bra a lot. Lets face it. I hate wearing a bra.

Oh, there would be rumor I was engaged to Matty or one of those dudes in Blood on the Dance Floor or maybe even one of Harry's closest friends, but it wouldn't be true. Cause my heart would still belong to the boy I knew next door. The one who always fixed my bicycle. Who liked to hang with me after school.

Yeah, after sweat and tears and going without a shower for weeks on end, I'd be so happy to see a guy named Jesse. I wouldn't care if he shaved his head or he let his fro grow. He'd still be who I'd want to come home too.

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