Wednesday, November 30, 2016

While Eli was alone. Set 9

while Eli was alone.. Set 9


Set nine: While on the trip, something terrible happens..but what? Explain in description and use some suspenseful pics. Your main character is now alone.

Eli wakes up in a dark and dank root cellar tied up. He can hardly make out where he is, in spite of a grimy little window that is letting in the only light.

He's not sure how he got there. He'd gone out to see what was up, thinking the other two would follow. Only to be bonked on the side of the head by a heavy rock. His head has bled a little, but he's OK. Yet, his arms have been bound behind his back. He's certain he's a prisoner here.

His patience if running thin. He yells the best he can for help, but none has came, but a little girl who tapes his mouth shut. Its the last thing he's ever expected. In fact, she looks so innocent. Maybe. But she doesn't want to communicate with him. She might as well be a robot.

Eli is worried about his two friends. Where are they? What could have happened? And what does this teenage Asian girl want with him?

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This is getting crazy! I hope Eli survives this!