Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Roadtrip! Set 8

Roadtrip! Set 8

Set eight: Best friend or significant other or someone new, thinks you two should take a getaway. How would you get there? Where would you go? Would there be a fight against nature, as well as someone else? Explain in description
-face claims
-what would main character wear


With an investigation setting in with Dr. Jo-Hansen being strangled to death, Matt thinks it is time for he and Eli to take a roadtrip. Of course, he hopes to make his move on Eli. Matt finally hopes to confess his true feelings to Eli.

"Well, I want to go." Bridget says there is no way she can stay in the city if there is a killer on the loose.

"Seriously? They aren't even after you." Matt is thinking they should go to his uncle's old farm in upstate New York.

"What are you going to do up there?" Bridget is nosy and tells Eli it will be very boring if she doesn't go.

"I think she should come." Eli admits that Matt and Bridget are his two best friends. Besides, he hasn't had a vacation in a very long time. Its the fall. A great time to go to upstate New York.

Matt really isn't fond of Bridget going on this trip. His truck is small, so its the three of them sitting together. Matt is hoping for some alone time with Eli. However, Bridget is chatty and keeps them almost off the beaten trail with apple picking and pumpkin buying.

Unfortunately, they get to his uncle's place about dark. It isn't quite the way Matt remembers. No one is home and the power is out.

It starts to rain. Cold sets in. They have to camp out in the house. No way, is Bridget going to spend the night alone. All three end up in one bed together after some roasted marshmallow that leaves them more hungry.

"Is this what they call a threesome?" Eli asks to both Bridget and Matt's surprise.

Of course, those two get into an argument about it..in the bathroom. Matt insists that Eli likes him more than he likes Bridget. Of course, Bridget doesn't believe Matt.

"Guys!" Eli sees movement in the moonlight. He's still in the middle of the bed, waiting for them to comeback. But when they come back to the bed, Eli's not there.