Monday, November 28, 2016

Main Character is certain he knows who the killer is. Set 7

Main character is certain he knows who the villain is. Set 7

Set seven: Main character is certain he knows who the villain is. But its the red herring. Face claim. Describe the red herring and make a set about the red herring's style.


Matt immediately goes to the company computer to find out what he can about J's older brother, Connor.

But he doesn't turn up nothing new. Connor has always gone to school in American. He is the top of his class. Ranked number one in business in Yale. Nothing sinister turns up.

"He even modeled when he was in high school." Matt informs Eli after being on the computer for most of the night.

Bridget has been following Connor around. Of course, her sleuthing wasn't all that good, since she practically bumped into him while he was out shopping. She ends up having dinner with him. He really seems like a nice guy, and Bridget just might be falling for him, but she reminds herself who her real friends are.

Connor comes off as the perfect employee. He's considerate and well...he doesn't seem like a killer.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It always seems like the ones who don't feel like a killer, actually are. I hope Bridget is safe.