Sunday, November 27, 2016

Once Again Something Bad Happens. Set 6

Once again, something bad happens. Set 6

Set six: Once again, something bad happens. This time, someone closer to the main character. Face claim. In description, tell what happens. Set can have more of haunting atmosphere.


Eli starts to worry about himself. Maybe its all Bridget's fault. She thinks he should see his therapist Dr. Jo-Hansen, and she can see him right away. She says its been awhile. What happened to make him want to see her. He talks about the freak accident on the street. He's sure its nothing. He doesn't mean to feel uneasy about it, but maybe something inside him is really holding him back from being who he could be.

She listens. She tells him he's only imagining things. She doesn't think he has a split personality. Finally, she tells him he should stop listening to his friends.

Of course, he goes home to his lonely studio, wishing he was talking to his friends right now. He's a little confused on what the doctor wants him to do.

He gets ready for bed and finishes off the cold spaghetti in the kitchen. Still he thinks about his childhood friend who was kidnapped. He does wonder if his friend's older brother is out for revenge. He's afraid he will never go to sleep..and just when he's about to nod off..his cell rings. Its Dr. Jo-Hansen.

"Do you have a twin?" She asks.

Eli thinks he might be dreaming.

"What are you talking about?" He winces. "A twin?"

"Did your friend, the one who got kidnapped..have a twin?" Now, Eli thinks he misunderstood her first question.

"I..I really don't know-" Just as Eli is trying to remember more about his friend's family, he hears Dr. Jo-Hansen gagging.

"Doctor! Dr. Jo-Hansen!" Eli yells. He can hear the female doctor fighting to breathe..she gags..chokes..then SILENCE!

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