Saturday, November 26, 2016

Who wants Eli dead? Set 5

Who does the main character think is the villain.Set 5

Set five: Who does your main character think is the villian? Face claim. Describe why the main character feels this way toward this person?


Eli really isn't aware that anyone would try to murder him. Matt and Bridget think differently as they gather around Eli, even if its at the local pub that Matt goes to every night.

Bridget thinks something has changed about Eli, after the sudden moment of when he rescues Bridget from being squashed when the Grand Piano fell from the sky. She can't quite shake the feeling that it was meant for Eli, instead of her. Naturally. Eli brushes it off as nothing.

"But didn't you say someone tried to kidnap you, when you were a kid?" Matt reminds him while they are having a beer at the pub. At least, he's managed to get Eli to have a lite beer with him and Bridget. Matt tries his best to make the occasion a date. He and Bridget even do a song together and do their best to coax Eli in to singing with them on stage. Naturally, he's reluctant. And for a moment they are happy to forget about the tragic accident. After all, they did go to the stranger's funeral.

Suddenly, Eli stops in his tracks, as if he's back to being old Eli who never shares anything with them.

"What's going on?" Bridget wants to know. They gather around Eli, as if he must tell them what he remembers.

" friend..who was kidnapped." Eli sputters. "His..his brother works here. He's my father's favorite." Eli winces as if he doesn't want to believe it, but its true. Bridget looks to Matt, wondering if someone wants Eli dead.

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