Saturday, November 19, 2016



Name: Yoshi (Face claim - Shin)
Age: 20
Single or Taken? (If so, by who) He wants Raya back.
Relatives/ Friends: Friend - Franco who is a tattoo artist and would be bodyguard
Favourite book: Here they Come by Yannick Murphy
Favourite movie: Secretly, Greatly
Likes: street food, good beat box, rooftops, kicking things... usually people, and his grandmother's seaweed soup
Dislikes: authority, a guy named Vinny who has his girlfriend on drugs, guns, street racing, gambling, and school.
World: (the real world)
Backstory: Yoshi was born in New York City by Korean parents. They'd wanted him to be musically inclined as a small child, but he never took to the piano nor the violin, instead he made friends with other outsiders on the streets. When a riot broke out in Hell's Kitchen during a brownout, his parents were killed in the dark. Yoshi has been on his own since he was 16. He lives with Franco on a rooftop apartment that might be a shanty that no one knows about, but they've been doing well, gardening, reading books from the library and his part-time job at a Ramen place downstairs.

He met Raya while he was in school. They've been friends since sixth grade. He thinks of her as his First Love. He remembers her as smart and beautifully nerdy, but she's changed since Raya met Vinny. Soon he lost her, and he picks up leads when he can to find out where she is. Still, it seems a lost cause. Franco wants Yoshi to go to the nearby University. He thinks Yoshi should study film since he's always had an eye with a camera. But since it was so long that he ever developed photos from hie father's old 35 milometer camera, Yoshi is sure its a lost art.


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Yoshi sounds like an awesome character!