Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kaorie & Ellie prt.10

Kaori & Ellie prt.10

Ellie waited for Kaori on the snow-covered playground. She felt a little lost, especially since she was in the outfit from yesterday. Hopefully, no one would question her.

She'd gotten up early. She smiled now, thinking nothing would wake that boy, Nico.

The smile faded to a straight lip. Why was she smiling? Bad habits were evidently hard to break.

This was the third time it happened. And it really didn't have anything to do with sleep.

The first time was on New Year's day. She thought it had a lot to do with the rice liquor.  Ellie nursed her her bottom lip. They'd decided to count that one, as a one off... since neither remember what happened.

Then over the summer, Nico and Ellie took a bus trip to the seaside for a comedy festival. Actually, they'd found time to put a routine together. Just a little act..they should have left at home. Yes, they were laughed off the stage, but not in a good way. They'd drank themselves silly, in spite of not being very good comedians. Still, it was hard to say, who got the last laugh.

But this time, it was different. She'd never seen her friend so serious. Nico was really worried about a certain someone. She'd met online. And when Nico kissed her, it was very real. She hadn't meant to let the passion grow, but it did, and it was all so rather simple yet sublime.

Ellie gritted, vowing to never ever mention this to anyone, especially Kaori. However, she would be back at Nico's place, again. She definitely needed to pick some things up, from home.

Finally, Kaori appeared. Happy. Refreshed. In a beautiful red coat.

Kaori showed Ellie the simple ring on her wedding finger. Ellie smiled. Yes, she was so happy for her best friend.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm happy for Kaori. I only wish Ellie would open her eyes to Nico and give him a chance!