Saturday, March 18, 2017

We Got Married - Eric's Friends & Family

WGM - Eric's family & friends

NAME, AGE Eric Lee 28
Stage Name (If Applicable): Joon Young
Entertainment Agency/Company: StarBright
Birthday: August 15th
Hometown/Country of Origin: JeJu Island but lived five years in L.A.
Face Claim: Yoo Yeon Soak

I'm closest to my Mom and my Grandmother Yoo Mi(I never knew my dad and never imagined I really needed him). Both were divers on the island at one time. My mom now writes for the Island, mostly PR stuff and who's who on the Island. She is also seeing Marc, who loves to travel, but he stays with her a lot.
Yeong Rin (Beom): My one and only girlfriend from high school. I used to help her with homework a lot. I didn't realize that meant she wanted to be with me. She's a pre-school teacher now, with a baby on the way. None other..than with my best friend W. Yes, I introduced them.
Clare: I've known her since she was a baby. I feel like I've raised her. She's like a baby sister. She just started college, but she will always be a little girl to me. Recently, she found out I knew J from some show we did. We were never really close, but now those two are dating. I feel like a matchmaker, as of late.
Friends from L.A.:
Colby: We worked together at a coffee shop. He's a writer and always inspiring.
Geoff: Um, somebody who likes to write scripts, but he's an assistant to some used to be famous diva on a soap. We were housemates. We sort of had a thing one weekend. (Eric can't help but smile about it, even now.) yeah..he was the first guy I was ever with.

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