Sunday, March 19, 2017

We Got Married - Ji's Friends & Family

WGM - Ji's friends and family

NAME, AGE Ji Jang Lee,24
Stage Name (If Applicable): Jamie Jang
Entertainment Agency/Company ShineOn
Birthday: March, 15
Hometown/Country of Origin:Born in Paris, France..but now lives in Seoul.
Face Claim: Jin Young
Taken By: @ ivyfanfic
Occupation: Actor
Marital Status: Single

So um, I know quite a few people, but the closest of all, would have to be my beautiful Mom who went to France to have me. (His smile is open as if it was the best thing that ever happened to him.) We don't talk about my the subject is mute. Who knows, maybe he was an old fart or a mobster (Ji laughs) I really don't care. Besides, I've got my two Grannies in Seoul. Granny Sue (Maternal) and Granny Gee (her best friend since she was four years old!) Who needs anyone but these guys.
oh..and Cory. Yeah, the one that got away. (Ji chuckles) I mean, yeah, I wonder how it would be..if you know, we actually hooked up and spent the rest of our lives together. It could have been boring as hell, but he does this web cartoon..that is his life. Thank God, he gets paid to do it. Honestly, I can see him in his underwear every night at his computer, letting his imagination run wild!
I still keep in contact with two bros in Paris, Pierre and Jonzie. I knew them when I was really young. Our mothers know each other (Kind of a Babysitters thing I guess, but hey, we are as close as bros) We text all the time. The calls get less and less, but you know, we're close, pretty much.
OK..moving on, well there are those who are just as much enemies as much as they are friends, like my pal Daniel..who swears he can't stand me, but I usually back him up... when he still does tours, but he's been acting, lately. And this dudette Veronica, who could ruin..anyone's life. She thrives on scandal, but really who wants to spend their time talking about a bitter poo, like her. J.K., he's the best with keeping me up to date with stuff. I guess you could call him an assistant..although, I really don't need one, but if I did it would be this guy with the big smile.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST is my number one fan from America! Shawna (Cherinda Kincherlow) Everyone needs a goddess like her, in their life. (he grins) She's been inspiring since the beginning. She's believed in me. I don't think I'll ever be quite as GOOD as she makes me out to be, but I'm glad I found her on social media. She has no idea the high she gives me, to go on. She's from Brooklyn and has been a dancer herself, since she was 10. At one time, she lived in a shelter with her mom, but now she has a 4 year scholarship at some Ivy League school. I hope she knows I'm proud of her.


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